At estrogen/estradiol has had a significant role in the way we practice. When your testosterone levels are low your estradiol levels are too since most, 80%, of your estradiol is aromatized from testosterone . So by elevating your testosterone levels you also elevate your estrogen levels. Also, with an hCG adjunct you get direct stimulation from your testis for testosterone and estrogen production.

2 angles to attack E; "blocking vs metabolism". Some men will over aromatize and that's when you may have to be prescribed an "estrogen blocker" like anastrozole which "BLOCKS" T conversion for heavy aromatase men. Another way to attack High E is to look look at your "E metabolism" mild aromatase men can benefit without an E2 blocker but rather need a boost with E metabolizing by boosting the P-450 liver enzyme in the liver responsible for this. Zinc/Copper/DIM supplementation all boost this P-450 enzyme and may be all you need. Balance and normal physiological levels are the key to successful hormone replacement therapy.

Low Estrogen Explains Some Hypogonadal Symptoms in Men - Renal and Urology News