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    Only partly effective

    Im 34 yrs old and been suffering with low T symptoms for over a year. No doctors wanted to help. I finally took it upon myself to get some blood work done. Testosterone was 230. Finally i found a dr to listen and is great. He gave me an injection then told me wait 3 weeks and start testim gel. I felt nothing the 1st week, then exactly 1 week after that injection, BOOM!!! I got my life back. Energy, motivation for sex, good mood, i mean i was excited. This lasted about 4 days then i crashed. I didnt wait the full 3 weeks to start the Testim cream. I have now been on Testim for 3weeks and 2 days. Heres my problem, i just had bloodwork done yesterday and my testosterone is up to 1002. I can feel a little more energy and erections pop up throughout the day like old times, but, my mood and sex drive are still super low if not non existent. Anybody else ever had this problem? I go back to the Dr on April 8th but want to have information before i see him.

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    The full benefits of TRT take months and in some cases a year to achieve. It is not possible to regain control over your symptoms within a few weeks. During the first 12wks or so, it is very common for a lot of men to see their symptoms improve and then go the other direction regularly. There is also a lot of placebo affect involved for most men, but that's somewhat a separate issue.

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