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Thread: Testosterone has been low for a couple months now

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    Testosterone has been low for a couple months now

    I keep getting discouraging blood test results. Other hormones appear to be normal, but testosterone is low. It fluctuates between 150 and 350. It should be more like 500 at my age (24). The endocrinologist doesn't know why this is happening. She thinks it might just be stress. But could stress make my testosterone drop that much? Back in december of last year, I tested at 550, and I was feeling much better back then.

    The only real change in my life since then is that I have stopped taking my SSRI medication (Luvox). I had been on it for a long time, and then decided to taper off of it. I did see some things online that suggest SSRI withdrawal can lower your testosterone, so maybe that is the answer. The cause of my low T could be my brain adjusting to the dramatic changes. But it's been 2 months since I've been off of it, and my testosterone has not gone up. It got up to 350 and then my last test shows 190. So, maybe the SSRI has nothing to do with it. Anyone have any experience with this?

    The doctor said that I could use Androgel for a couple weeks, and that could "prime" my testosterone, and then my body would continue to maintain normal levels even without the Androgel. Is that possible?

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    Antidepressants are notorious for lowering testosterone levels and causing all kinds of fluctuations when use is discontinued. In my opinion, they are often prescribed to men who have low testosterone when in fact all the men need is testosterone, but that's another story.

    No, Androgel will not prime your testosterone production and I'm not sure why your physician would say that. When you use any form of testosterone, this causes your body to stop producing its own testosterone. If you have low testosterone this isn't a big deal; after all, you weren't making enough to begin with. Now, if you supplement with any form of testosterone, increase your levels and then stop, being that natural testosterone production is no longer on, what's going to happen? You will now have no testosterone in your body. Yes, your natural production will begin again but it's only going to go back to where it was before, possibly a little lower, not higher.

    There are things you can do to attempt what is known as an HPTA reset that might be worth a try at your age. This would consist of HCG use only. HCG mimics LH. LH is produced by the pituitary, which when released signals to the testicles to make more testosterone. HCG, in simplistic terms, tricks the testicles into making more testosterone. This reset is usually performed 6-8wks and with any luck once HCG use is discontinued the LH production will hold and testosterone levels will hold. I'd say it has a 50/50 shot of working. However, before you consider it, you'll want to check your LH levels. If you're already making plenty of LH, adding HCG for this purpose isn't going to help.

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