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Thread: I feel like I have low t

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    I feel like I have low t

    I'm 27, male, 186lbs. Active, eat right. For years now I've had no energy, all I want to is sleep. Plus all the other classic symptoms. And some symptoms such as loss of appetite, getting hold and cold sweats, cold hands and feet, all of which I don't know if low t could be part of. About a year ago I was tested for low t, and all the doctor came back and said is that I was on the low end of normal for my age and they there was nothing he could do. Well 4 days ago I got tested again by A new doctor and the nurse called and said it came back normal. I asked what my number was and she said 429. Which from all the research I have done seems very low especially for my age. I'm not sure what to do from here. I did make an appointment next week to see and endocrinologist. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    That's rough

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