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Thread: New guy age 50, T dropped

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    New guy age 50, T dropped

    Hey New guy here age 50, 5ft5, currently 170lbs( I have had a large weight gain) down from 180...but up from 145. Until last year active life style..weight lifting etc, eat clean 90% of the processed foods......Last year had my T levels checked because I knew something was wrong...depressed, no energy, slow healing from injuries, no motivations, insomnia, always sleepy, short tempered(not me), brain fog, dizzy, forgetful, can't concentrate...libido dropped off, prior to last year I was wired like a 17 year old...needed very little encouragement. My test results were

    F Testosterone, Serum 325 L 348-1197 (ng/dL)
    F Comment: Comment
    - Adult male reference interval is based on a population of lean males
    - up to 40 years old.
    F Free Testosterone(Direct) 7.8 6.8-21.5 (pg/mL)

    Due to a high PSA score T levels took a back burner until I was cleared for prostate cancer...fortunately all is well on this front.

    I will see my GP next month and want to know what I can do to have raise my T levels....I can't go on feeling this down....I went from being the energizer bunny to a couch potato..I gained weight..lost motivation and am seeing no return on my gym workouts...completely frustrated.

    Were do you start? What to ask? I just want to be prepared when I see my Doc.

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    At 50 years of age, the only thing that's going to increase your testosterone levels to any significant level is the use of testosterone.

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    That's rough

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