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Thread: Struggling GF of a man with low T. Desparate for help

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    Struggling GF of a man with low T. Desparate for help

    My boyfriend has an extremely low T count due mostly to years of drug use when he was younger. He has been clean and sober for 13 years. He has also just turned 40 which I'm sure adds to it. For some reason, the Dr's are very hesitant to prescribe him injections. He was on the gel last year before we started dating and hated it. Said he had a bad skin reaction and said it smelled horrible.
    When we first started dating 6 months ago. I did not know about this problem. He had actually obtained test from an online source and was injecting it himself. His libido seemed very normal I would even say high. After A couple of months, he confided in me and told me everything. We agreed that he should stop injecting on his own and try to find a Dr to help him. After about a month of him stopping, his drive went to Zero!
    This has been extremely hard for me!
    I am also 40 and my drive is through the roof! He tries very hard to satisfy my needs and assures me daily that it's not me and that he will get this straightened out.
    His Dr. Still won't prescribe the injections saying that there are too many lawsuits because men take it for bodybuilding purposes.
    He went to a urologist and after his blood work came back. His liver counts were high ( we think it's because he had back to back knee surgeries and was an effect of the anesthesia) in any case. The urologist won't talk about T therapy until a liver Dr clears him. He went to see the liver Dr and he sent him for more blood work and put him on a diet. Said he needs to loose about 10 pounds and is pre diabetic. Which might also be adding to the problem. We are waiting for clearance so he can go back to the urologist.
    I am trying to be supportive and patient. But it's really taking a toll.
    I am a single mom, divorced after a very bad 20 year marriage and struggle with many insecurities because of it.
    My boyfriend has been there for me and is so patient and supportive and giving. And as I said tries to reassure me daily of his love for me and that this has nothing to do with me.
    I feel guilty for letting this issue consume me.
    What I want to know is if anyone can give me some feedback if he's going the correct route or info on what other routes he can take to help and maybe some hope that this problem can actually be corrected?
    Thank you for reading this long post and any feedback would be really appreciated.

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