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Thread: Low T therapy didn't go well???....

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    Low T therapy didn't go well???....


    At the age of 34 I started Test. Therapy for low T. During the 1.5 yr I was on Androgel and Axiron.

    Unfortunately, I was in the low percentage group that has side effects from it. My chest starting hurting, my D-dimer (blood clotting) levels were through the roof.

    Went to a cardiologist, blood pathog. And a lung specialist. All checked out fine. But they all told me to get OFF T treatment.

    I was told I was on the way to a heart attack or stroke due to treatment. I stopped treatment and after a couple weeks all symptoms stopped.

    I continue to have low T. No sex drive, fatigue all the time.

    I exercise 5x week. Strict healthy diet. Gallon water daily but still have low t.

    Any other treatments I could try??? Suggestions???

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    What type of exercise are you doing? Everything I've read says strict weights...noooo cardio or endurance exercise. Endurance exercise increases estrogens.

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    3x week with heavy weight training. 2x week light cardio to keep heart healthy.
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    I wish I had a solution for you. Sounds like you are on the right track. Focus on the big muscle groups at the gym. Squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Those have helps my T levels climb.

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