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Thread: low T and anxiety

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    low T and anxiety

    I recently had blood work done and got a number of 186 for my testosterone.
    my Dr. didn't seem to concerned. I have been telling her for years now that I don't feel like myself.
    I have had general anxiety/panic attacks for years.
    I take Effexor XR 225 mg/day. Xanax for acute anxiety.
    I also have type-II diabetes. I take metformin for that.
    oh and I'm 38 years old.

    I have an appointment with a urologist on Monday.
    the whole thing make me nervous.

    my question is,
    does testosterone therapy help or exacerbate anxiety issues?
    I have heard it helps relieve anxiety issues.

    Please help


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    I believe it does. It generally gets one back to feeling "on track" when implemented properly and consistently...and with time.

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