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Thread: Low hormone levels

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    Low hormone levels


    Over the last year or two i've been having problems with depression, loss of sex drive, no morning errections, tired all the time, gained a lot of weight, not much body hair, just feeling "down" and weak, my joints are all "terrible" (herniated disc , knee pain since I was 12, without a real cause of it, one doctor told me I had bad connective tissue), feeling cold often, can't concentrate ... etc.

    Last year I was diagnosed with a low thyroid and I got L-Thyroxin (75ug) for that. Other than that I take no other medication.
    To see whats wrong I paid one blood test on my own, and then got an appointment at an endocrinologist.

    Here are a few results:

    Bloodtest 1 (private,without L-Thyroxin in the morning, no workout three days prior):
    FT3 : 2,5 (1,9-5,1) ng/l
    FT4 : 1,0 (0,9-17) ng/dl
    TSH : 2,13 (0,27-4,2) mIU/l

    Testosterone, total 3,04 (2,8-8,8) in ug/l
    free androgenindex 26 (36-155)
    SHBG 40 (10-40) in nmol/l
    free testosterone 6,52 (8,8-27) in pg/ml

    Bloodtest 2 (Endocrinology , with L-Thyroxin in the morning, workout the day before):
    FT3 : 3,3 (1,9-5,1) ng/l
    FT4 : 1,1 (0,9-17) ng/dl
    TSH : 2,45 (0,27-4,2) mIU/l

    FSH, basal 1,6 (1,5-12,4) IU/l
    LSH, basal 2,1 (1,7-8,6) IU/l
    testosterone, total 3,92 (2,8-8,8) in ug/l
    free androgenindex 37 (36-155)
    SHBG 37(10-40) in nmol/l
    HGH (STH), basal: 1,3
    Somatomedin C (IGF-1) 281 (71-275) ug/l

    Generally all values are in the lower normal range. My total testosterone seems a bit low. A few studies suggest, that a more normal range would be 6 or higher (for my age: 25). LH and FSH seem a bit low as well? IGF-1 seems a bit high?

    My doctor said, that everything was okay.

    The thing is : I do almost everything do boost my testosterone naturally

    - enough sleep
    - no alcohol
    - tried lowering my stress levels, even quit a job because of it
    - lifting heavy weights, but not too much
    - supplementing magnesium, zinc, vitamins etc...
    - eating enough healty fats, carbs etc...
    - staying away from certain foods (soy, liquorice...)
    - very few things with added sugar

    Overall I try to be as healty as possible. I'm a bit at loss, that my "highest" testosterone is so low - and I'm 25. Could anyone think of anything else I could try?

    I'd be very grateful for any comments :-)
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