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Thread: TRT Levels?

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    With your test levels being in the 500-600 range you may not need testosterone treatment. However, there's something else you need to keep in mind. What are your free testosterone levels? It doesn't matter what your total levels are if your free levels are low. For example, this past Friday we had a client with total levels at almost 700 yet his free levels were 6 and as a result he was suffering heavily from low testosterone symptoms. How about you? Are you suffering from low testosterone symptoms? If so it might be a good idea to see where you're at, find out what your free and total levels are and go from there.

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    A) 200'sh (secondary)
    B) 80-90mg wk (40mg-45mg x2), HCG is 250iu x 3wk
    C) 650ng to 725ng/dl (give or take), approx. 3.3% free testosterone

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    I was around 100-200
    I take NEBIDO at 1000mgs every 11 weeks
    I will have a range of around 600-700

    Don't take any AI, no hcg or anything else just my nebido and it makes me feel amazing

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    Mine was at 59 and dropping fast due to a tumor.
    Now 60mg x 2 per week keeps me between 9-1300 depending on when I test.
    HCG 250 IU x 3 per week.
    No AI needed.

    KIM why don't you post up your Blood Work and let us take a look at it.

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    My most recent bloodwork came back as follows...

    Total Test: 619
    Free Test 106.9

    4/10/2013 (coming off from taking test cycle)
    Total Test: 917
    Estrogen: 14.9

    4/19/2013 (PCT)
    Total Test: 247

    4/27/2013 (still in PCT)
    Total Test: 746
    Estrogen: 51

    Had blood work today and will have another on Friday, I'm battling a bit of a gyno issue.
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