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Thread: When will the Dr. get it right?

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    When will the Dr. get it right?

    Not referencing I had a tumor engulfing my Pituitary gland last year. I was tired and fatigued ALL the time! I had ALL the signs of low T. I had my physician do blood work and my T level came back at 29. Dr. freaked out, said he had never seen anyone's that low. Did another blood work to test other hormones and they were out of whack as well which led to me having an MRI. MRI showed a huge tumor engulfing my Pituitary Gland. Had surgery in July 2013 to remove tumor, unfortunately all of the tumor could not be removed; now I am on meds for the rest of my life to keep tumor shrunk. My testosterone levels only went up to 61 after one month. My primary doctor put me on Androgel for one month, in which time my Test level went down to 55. I was then prescribed Test Cyp. at 1.5 cc once monthly. Next blood test showed my test at 56, so Dr. split my injections in half twice monthly. Nothing had changed as far as my mood, confusion, lack of judgement and cognitive skills. My work performance sucked, and my boss let me know that, all the time! Frustrated, I went to an endocrinologist and my dosage was moved to 2.0 cc monthly with 1.0cc administered bi-weekly. I still feel like crap and I have lost my job due to poor work performance. My work ethics and habits have been debilitated by my Testosterone levels. I havee given up on these so called professionals in their field and wondering if the Dr. will ever get it right!I am putting my life (a chance at a normal life) in the hands of, and pray that they don't let me down!

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    I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. But that's a common story we hear all the time. It sounds like the doctors you've been seeing are following old guidelines that were more common 20-30yrs ago yet still very common in endocrinology circles. Many endocrinologist, despite being hormone specialist, have yet to evolve with the rest of the medical field when it comes to TRT. Not all but most, and I do not know why this is.

    Testosterone injections of Testosterone Cypionate need to be administered one to two times per week if stable blood levels are to be maintained. When you inject the hormone, your blood levels will peak 48-72hrs after the injection. From there they will begin to fall. Now if the individual metabolizes testosterone quickly, it's often useful to take the total weekly dose and split it into two smaller weekly injections in order to hold stability. This isn't always needed, it depends on the individual.

    Injections that are performed every other week or every 3wks or anything of that nature will put your testosterone levels in an extreme (very extreme) up and down state. Large estradiol spikes and other related issues that often come with this can also be far more problematic. In the end, you're left feeling just as bad if not worse than before.

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