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Thread: Don't know if the HRT is working right

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    Don't know if the HRT is working right

    Guys-Thank you for having this forum. I have been reading it for sometime and it is very beneficial to me.
    I have low T. My levels are in the 300s and now at the age of 45 I have decided to address this.
    Recently I found a HRT 'clinic' that can provide me weekly shots and they have a very economical program.
    In the past two weeks I have received two weekly shots of cyp and 2 pills of anastozale.
    The first night that I received the first shot I stayed up all night with exploding energy and a strong erection.
    My workout the next morning was beastly.
    Since then though I have had no response and my erections are limited.
    Got the second shot and pill a couple days ago and no response.
    I am scheduling myself for pellets as I think the shots are more shortlived.
    Sorry I am not as well versed in this then some.
    Any thoughts?

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Injections are actually the most effective means of TRT. Pellets can work well but they are much harder to control. TRT is one of those things that has to be adjusted over time if it's done right. It's also something that takes a little time and is almost never maxed out in terms of potential in only a couple of weeks. On average, most men do not really start noticing significant improvements until 12wks or so into TRT. However, that can only happen if everything's being monitored, specifically your testosterone and estradiol levels. If both are not in line, you won't feel good regardless of how much or what form of testosterone you use.

    Also, 2 pills of anastrozole per week, that's a fairly hefty dose. You may be crashing your E2, which would make you feel very lethargic and would undoubtedly cause you to have erectile dysfunction on some level.

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    Thanks Justin.
    Really appreciate what you guys are doing here.
    I am sorry I confused this.
    I am taking one pill of anastrozole each week. I have taken one after each sub shot of cyp.
    I think that you might have hit it right on the head though about the E2 levels.
    With the pellets they are not prescribing me any anastrozole.
    The thought was to do pellets followed by HCG after 3-4 months.
    Thanks again.

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