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Thread: New member. Have questions!

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    New member. Have questions!

    Hey guys/gals(lol),

    I just received my first injection of T Cyprionate(2 week cycle) today and my doctor also gave me AndroGel 1.62 to take daily. My main question is... Do I HAVE to apply the AndroGel in the mornings? I would prefer to apply at night. In mornings we have 3 kids to get ready for school and I have always been a night time shower guy and the wife takes showers in the AM(yes it would be fun), so can I apply at night even though they say in the morning.


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    Why are you doing both injections and gel? I promise you that in time you will be all screwed up with your T and Estriadiol levels. Never heard of this in HRT?

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    Ok here it goes, I am 26 y/o with a 26 BFI 6'1 and 195 lbs. A month ago I got my first test at 203 at about 4 in the afternoon. Last week I took my second test at 10 a.m. which came back at 235. My doc put me on one pump of androgel 1.62. The doctor also basically told me that as long as I get over a 300 she will keep me on that dose. Is 300 where a 26 y/o should be at? I should also note that the prescribing doctor is my primary care and not a specialist. And info will be appreciated.

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