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Thread: Hello, new here

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    Hello, new here

    Hello, all,

    I turn 40 in a couple of weeks, and I've had low testosterone for years. I suspect I've had it for some time, but I wasn't aware of it until I had a test done. After that was confirmed, so many things make sense. I have sever depression, I struggle with energy levels, and my interest in sex is very minor. I'm active physically and work out often, but I'm not getting the results I should be...some, but not nearly what I should.

    Unfortunately, my employer opted for one of those high-deductible insurance plans, which means that I'm responsible for thousands before any basically any treatment comes out of pocket, something that I can't really afford. I've been getting a shot roughly monthly, as I'm on a payment plan, but I'm not feeling all that different.

    I don't really know what to do. I haven't read any posts here yet, but I was wondering if other people feel like I do: where life feels more like a chore than it should.

    Thanks for listening everyone.

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    Anyone who comes to this message board is or has experienced what you're dealing with at one time or another. You're situation is far from uncommon, which is a good thing as it's not something you have to deal with as if you were throwing darts in the dark.

    Your current testosterone use, a shot once a month isn't going to help you; in fact, it's more than likely making things worse. You didn't mention which testosterone you're taking but more than likely it's Testosterone Cypionate or Testosterone Enanthate. Those two are by far the most common and just about the only two any doctor will prescribe. There are exceptions but they are not common. In any case, either form of testosterone mentioned, Cypionte or Enanthate, needs to be injected once per week and in some cases twice per week. With your current protocol, your levels are spiking, which will occur in the first 48-72hrs after the injection and then they rapidly fall back to baseline by day 6-8 depending on the person. Then you have to wait another 3wks before you get a shot. More unfortunate news, when you take testosterone you shut down your natural production. Now if you are not producing enough to begin with this isn't a big deal as you can supplement to give yourself enough. But in your case, you're spiking your levels, shutting down production and then over the next 3wks producing nothing. In fact, you're more than likely falling even lower than before.

    Another note, I'm not a fan of bashing other doctors. I'm sure whoever is helping you does want to help, but a physician that prescribes testosterone in this manner, well you need to find someone else.

    The program, I understand you're on a budget so $199 per month may not work for you. It is, however, one of the more affordable programs out there if not the most affordable. But if you don't have it you don't have it, that's understandable. However, we do have a new referral program that could help you offset a good bit of the cost. For every new client you send us that qualifies for treatment, we will pay you $100. If you sent enough people you could easily get your treatment for free or at least a good portion of it.

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