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Thread: New guy from MS; using Nashville clinic. Starting txt 9/5/14

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    Smile New guy from MS; using Nashville clinic. Starting txt 9/5/14

    Hello, I'm Chris from MS. Long time listener, first time caller. Wait, that's the wrong show.......
    40WM, 6'2", 175lbs, very lean with an eat anything and don't gain a pound metabolism that angers others
    I have tolerated the symptoms of declining or low T for several years now and am glad I finally pulled the trigger, admitted my issue, and made the call. What finally pushed me over the edge was not the significant loss of muscle tone, nor the increased irritability and moodiness, nor the sleep issues, nor the lethargy that was growing increasingly worse month by month. What finally did it for me was a combination of my libido dropping to damn near zero though I have a smoking hot, yoga pant wearing, sex craving bride and the fact that my desire to excel has slowly faded away as my motivation and drive have waned. In my younger days I was the guy to go to who could figure out a solution to any problem, solve it in no time, and I enjoyed the rush of hard work and accomplishment. This drive and motivation kept me focused as I received a doctorate and later a masters in an entirely different field but I tell you, I could not have done these things during the last 5 years as my gusto just began to fade away. Slowly at first where I could make excuses to myself as to why I was avoiding challenging situations or conversations but more quickly in recent months. Well, apparently everyone who watches car auctions and bowhunting on TV have these same issues since every commercial is about some ED med or low T treatment but they raise more questions than they answer: is that me they are talking about?, where do I find accurate information about these conditions?, how do you pick a local MD vs. a national organization?, etc. Anyone else here recognize this questioning phase of your road to recovery?

    I finally gained enough courage to call the folks at low and ask how their program worked (I'm fairly sure I blurted out most of the info in that first paragraph within about 3 seconds to the girl who answered saying "how may I direct your call?" Probably more than she wanted to know... I spoke with an account rep, set up the blood work appointment at my local LabCorp, and set my MD visit date.

    Today I had my initial MD visit to begin treatment and I give the MD, the staff, and the program administrators a huge thumbs up! I drove almost 6 hours to the Nashville clinic and was very satisfied with the visit. The clinic (family practice/peds/OB) does seem to mainly cater to Spanish speaking clients because that is what makes up the main part of the population of this particular neighborhood. That being said, the staff was easy to deal with and the other patients all said good morning and I enjoyed talking with a couple of the children in the waiting area. After about a 10 minute wait (I showed up 2 hours early because I couldn't sleep so I just got up and drove on), I was called back into an adequate space to complete the pre visit routine (BP, WT, ?s, HT) and then escorted into a clinic room to await Dr. Patel. What a joy it is to speak with someone who understands the struggles and anxieties of not being at your best and of sensing a drop off in your performance, motivation, energy, and drive. Dr. Patel and I share a similar life situation (she and my wife are physicians while her husband and I have real jobs--> we currently stay home and raise the kids). Her ability to make me relax and her willingness to discuss the treatment options was wonderful. On top of her terrific bedside manner she REALLY knows her stuff and stays current on the research and regiments, citing multiple sources during our talk and going advice and recommendations concerning other health related issues as well.

    If the Nashville location is an option for you, take it. From what I could tell on the map, it is not but a few miles from the airport if you fly in and the location was easy to get to by road (I came from the south so I didn't have to enter Nashville proper). After your appointment, go a couple of miles south to Bar-b-Cuties. Great food, you won't regret it.

    Oh yeah- my treatment will begin soon as the clinic called me about an hour after the visit, they had my prescriptions and just needed a cc# for the script fee. They are scheduled to be delivered to my home by Friday. I will post dosages in an edit b/c they slipped my mind.

    Follow up to come, CP

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    Glad to hear things went well for you!

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