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Thread: New member and at my wit's end.

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    New member and at my wit's end.

    Hello everyone. I am a sufferer of secondary hypogonadism and I've been on a testostrone treatment program for about five years. Sadly however, my specialist who was proscribing my medication got gun-shy and refused to prescribe me any more and worst of all, then a few months later, I got a letter from the manufacture of the program stating that it was coming to a end. I just ran out of my remaining supply of testostrone a few weeks ago and i've started to really feel the effects, such as mood swings, little to no sex drive, fluxuating energy levels and I've been sitting here this morning doing google searches and trying to figure out what to do next. I feel horrid and I ran across a link to which sounds good, but I have a few issues.

    -I am very low income and a program that costs me $200 a month is too rich for my blood. As it was, when I was on my program, I got the medication free, twice a year shipments, (It was a gel), I just had to pony up for the doctor visit and bloodwork two times a year, which I was able to do with friend's help. I don't know how the heck I would be able to do this one.

    -I hate needles and the program clearly talks about injectable testostrone.

    Any ideas? Because I feel like a husk right now and the idea of spending the rest of my days like this makes me want to kill myself. For real.

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    Foxstar, I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling well. I know it can be a frustrating situation.
    As for our program, injectable testosterone and cream are both available. Injectable testosterone is often talked about a little more as it's the most effective. In either case, injectable or cream, testosterone is testosterone. However, some men do not respond well to gels or creams, their levels don't always go up enough. Some men respond well at first and as time goes by their body adapts, requiring more and more cream, and then some men respond well indefinitely. There's no normal when it comes to gels and creams. Injectables tend to work in about 99% of all men - the only reason they wouldn't not fix the individual's issues is if there were other health issues that had nothing to do with low testosterone levels. But in either case, both injectable and cream is available.

    As far as the cost, our program is one of the most affordable in the country. But I understand that $200 per month or any amount a month more than you can afford is simply that, more than you can afford. We'd be happy to work with you if you're interested, but the cost is simply as stated.

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    I get a locally compounded T cream (from a compounding pharmacy) and it is $69.00 per month. I've also heard that if your doctor will code it as an "endocrine disorder", insurance will pay for the doc. appt. and maybe the compounded cream.

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