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    New Guy

    Hello board... I am new to online in general... but I am at my wits end.

    I am 33, 6'1 230lbs... active but I just feel ... cant even think of the word. I am just done. Back story, I use to be a very heavy drinker, I have been in recovery for 2 yrs, was dig. with A-fib on Rythmol for that. Last year I was tired, depressed, cold/chilly, low sex drive, emotional. Primary doc tested for Low T, came back at 192, sent to an endo... retested and he said Oh' you are fine (didnt get copy of labs) so I muddled thru the last year, I work construction and blamed it on my hours 14-16 hrs a day with only 5-6 hrs of sleep a night, but then I started losing muscle, just felt week on top of the other symptoms, went back to the primary doc, tested again... total was 166 ng/ml fee was 17.3 pg/ml this was on 11/19/14. I was sent back to the endo, retested 12/8/14. Levels were total 394 ng/ml, free 79.6 pg/ml and he also tested LH 3.2 miu/ml. Again you are normal? I dont feel normal!!! A new thing that is happening is I will start shaking, like my body is shaking... then at night I will wake up covered in sweat - not sure if this is low T related.

    I did speak with my heart dr. and he things maybe its my medication, so I go in the first of the year to do a procedure to get me off the meds and stop the afib.

    I am just frustrated 33 yrs old and I feel 100, wondering if anyone can relate or share some experience... always open to suggestions.

    thanks for reading.

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    Honestly, it sounds like you need to find a new doctor. There is nothing "Normal" about your numbers. Is a testosterone issue your only issue? That's hard to say based on what information you've provided but it's definitely an issue. It could be the main issue or part of a larger issue.

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