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Thread: Need TRT Advice

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    Need TRT Advice


    I just found this site, and I decided I would try my luck here. No one else has been willing to help me. Here is the issue : I am 24 years old and I have been on TRT for about 8 months. I struggled with symptoms of depression, fatigue, and memory issues for years before I though to get my testosterone levels tested. I tested them twice. The first test came in at 150 ng/dl. I had this done at a low T clinic. They refused to treat me due to my age, so I went to my primary care doctor. She tested my levels again, at a later time in the day, and my levels came in at 79 ng/dl. She gave me an MRI and ran all kinds of tests to eliminate the possibility of pituitary cancer. Good news is no cancer, but they did not identify any pituitary abnormalities which we were suspecting would be the cause of my ridiculously low testosterone. I had no choice but to go on TRT, after being told it may make me infertile. She put me on 200 mg Test C every 2 weeks. I have researched TRT relentlessly and fought her to allow me to self inject in smaller doses. Once every two weeks was an emotional roller coaster.

    She agreed to allow me to use my protocol of 50 mg every 3.5 days. However, because she was unable to identify the cause for my low T, she sent me to an endo. My endocrinologist has found no cause of my low T. All he has done is insist that I inject every 10 days, which I think is ridiculous. He put me on 150 mg every 10 days. I tried it his way for a few weeks. My testosterone came in at 439 ng/dl on day 6 after a 150 mg injection. He was happy and wanted to send me on my way, but I believe that is far too low for a 24 year old man.

    I am now on 200 mg test C every ten days, as ordered by my doctor, but I am breaking the injections up into 60mg every 3.5 days. My last lab results showed that I had high E2 levels, but they were one or two points within the range of "normal" so he refused to prescribe me an AI, despite the fact that I have developed gynocomastia, I have anxiety likely related to high E2, water retention, and erectile dysfunction.

    My current protocol is nowhere near optimal. I do not feel normal. I am moody all the time, and I have zero sex drive. My energy levels are low.

    I have NOT used illegal drugs/illegally abused testosterone in the past. Doctor prescribed TRT is the only testosterone I have ever used. I just graduated college, and have always lived a normal, healthy life.

    I have been turned down by countless doctors, specialists, and clinics, simply because of my age, despite the fact that I have multiple legitimate, documented lab tests done showing that I had dangerously low testosterone levels.

    I see that there is a location in my city, but I wanted to give my background before I even pursued it, since it is likely I will get turned down because of my age.

    It is a nightmare finding a competent TRT doctor, but let me assure you, it is even more difficult when you are at an age where low testosterone is extremely abnormal.

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    Sorry to hear you've had a difficult time.
    If you were to use our program, being that your levels are going to be elevated you will need to provide proof of treatment and a diagnosis of Hypogoandism from your previous doctor. This isn't hard to do.

    As for your issues, you are correct that injection protocols that stretch past a wk are typically poor plans. That said, your E2 issues, a point or two above the range, it is highly unlikely it could be causing such problems as described. In fact, I'd call it near impossible. No man should be developing gynecomastia with an E2 reading of 40-50 and even if he did it would take a very, very long time. There could be an issue with the balance of your testosterone to estrogen, that could be causing ED issues. I don't's hard to say without seeing everything. But we can help you if you'd's just a matter of getting all your records and fine tuning things.

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