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Thread: 33 year old male extremely low results

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    33 year old male extremely low results


    I'm a seemingly healthy 33 year old male with a beautiful wife and two great children aged 4 and 2. Over the past 6-8 months I started noticing weaker erections and occasional ED problems but contributed them to stress. Then about 3 months ago I had an absolute complete drop in sex drive. Nothing. My joints also were hurting pretty bad especially my feet when I wake up in the morning and in my hands.

    Long story short, I went and got checked out, and was astonished at my results.

    Name Value Reference Range
    TESTOSTERONE 12.11 (249-836)
    FREE TESTOSTERONE 0.30 (4.7-24.4)
    %FREE TESTO 2.5 (1.6-2.9)
    SEX HB GLOBULIN 14.99 (10-80)

    I also did the LH and FSH test and it was also low, prompting an MRI which came back clean. Now I've been referred to an Endocrinologist who is like a month out.

    Has anybody seen testosterone this low? I asked if the measurements were in different units and the doctor told me that I was in fact at 12.11 ng and not nmol/L. Do you think the labs could be wrong? What should I expect next at the endo visit.

    Thanks for anybody's input.

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    That's about as low as you would ever see them.
    As far as what to expect from your endo appointment I can't say as every doctor is a bit different. Personally I'm often not a fan of endos when it comes to TRT. I know that sounds strange since they are hormone doctors, but more often than not endos are terrible with TRT and better with things like diabetes and thyroid issues. This isn't always the case but it seems to often be. The most important thing is finding a doctor that understands TRT regardless of his title.

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    Sucks you have to wait so long. I've been in the same boat with additional symptoms of lack of drive and depression. I've had two t shots and feel much better, about to start taking clomid so we will see how that goes.

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