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Thread: 57 yr old male, I'm confused!

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    57 yr old male, I'm confused!

    I'm 57 and finally went for blood work a few days ago relative to about a year long bout with low energy, difficulty concentrating and borderline depression. In all this however my libido has not been an issue or concern...consequently my "confusion.

    My Testosterone level is 41. My T3 and T4 are 3.2 and 1.16 respectively and sex hormone bind globulin is over 70, TSH is 2.5

    From what I'm reading and what I'm feeling, it would appear that I need a very specific type of treatment plan in as much as I do not want to take any meds or plan which addresses an issue I don't have...i.e...low sex drive or libido issues.

    I cycle competitively, which has been the underlying issue/concern as I fatigue easily, however over the last year my mental focus is gone. When it comes time in a race to "give it my all" I feel "my all" took a vacation! I've never doped or taken any substance to enhance performance as some might expect, even in the amateur ranks. I have, over the years cut out red meat and use eggs sparingly which I understand might be a causative factor.

    If anyone has any suggestions I'd appreciate the feedback. I'm without medical coverage at the moment and will be for the next 60 days so if there are options available in the interim, I'd be very interested in hearing about them.

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    Without knowing the unit of measurement it's hard to comment on your numbers. For example, your testosterone is 41, is that 41 ng/dl, 41 pg/ml, etc? There are several units of measurement that are possible.

    If you do need testosterone treatment it's not just for libido. Low libido is just one of many possible symptoms, it's one of the more common but you can still have levels that need help and not have that symptom. Testosterone is far more than a libido med.

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