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Thread: Suffered for years. Changing my life (lab results) what to expect...?

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    Suffered for years. Changing my life (lab results) what to expect...?

    Hey guys,

    I've suffered from low energy, poor libido, depression, anxiety, ed for years. I'm 28 and a fitness fanatic. I take great care of myself, and finally decided to see what the hell is wrong with me.

    Without further ado:

    Component Results
    Component Standard Range Your Value Flag
    SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN 17.3 - 65.8 nmol/L 50.8
    TESTOSTERONE TOTAL 241.0 - 827.0 ng/dl 311.0
    TESTOSTERONE, BIOAVAIL, MALE >20 130.0 - 680.0 ng/dL 114.0 L
    TESTOSTERONE, FREE, MALE >20 YRS 47 - 244 pg/mL 45 L
    Results for Testosterone Free and Bioavailable
    are calculated according to the Vermeulen Formula.
    ALBUMIN 3.5 - 5.1 g/dL 4.7

    So, I am seeing an Endo on Wednesday.

    My question is - what can I expect? I don't want to waste any more time. I simply want my life back.

    All things considered, I've had a hell of a 20s so far! I'm also into powerlifting and have subscribed to the mind over matter approach when mustering up energy to work out.

    Thanks for feedback in advance


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    So how did things go? I see this board isn't all that active. Too bad. My total T was 141! Free was 21! Ouch. No wonder I want to take a nap by 1pm. I'm 45 and 178 lbs too. I'm starting Androgel at 40mg a day to start.

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