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Thread: need some advice

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    need some advice

    Iam 25 years old guy.For most of my life i have suffered from fatigue.This is just so frustating.
    I have other problems too like the brain fog,keeps forgetting things and sometime i struggle with word finding while talking.
    I have seen a neurologist but everything came normal. And then i thought may be i should get my hormones evaluated and saw a endocrinologist.
    He did some blood test and the result are

    Reference Range

    Total Testosterone = 393 (250-980)
    Free Testosterone = 68 (35-155)
    PM cortisol = 3.8 (2-14)

    I am not sure if i should ask for TRT.Sexually iam not that great iam ok.Would TRT help me...

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    Yes, it would help. Most men feel their best when their testosterone levels are in the 700-1100 ng/dl range, and that applies to any man at any age. Same can be said of free testosterone, most men feel far better in the upper end of the range.

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