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Thread: compounded testosterone cream

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    compounded testosterone cream

    Long story short I was on androgel 1.62 taking 4 pumps for about 10 months after my t was 186 as a 33 year old male. I felt great until my insurance stopped covering it. I went almost 3 weeks without anything in my energy levels and strength completely diminished. I got a shot that did absolutely nothing so three weeks later I went to a natural Med place in the next town over and got compounded testosterone cream. I have read a lot of positive things about this but have felt absolutely no difference yet. I have been on this for 3 weeks now and I'm about to lose my mind. Any advice would be very helpful. I had another lab done last week and my t was 434. I just don't feel any different, could there be another issue or am I not giving this enough time? Thank you for any input

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    I'm 60...........but recently switched from Androgel ($700 mo) to locally compounded cream ($69.00 no.) I have having a crash: NO energy, depression, brain fog, ill tempered.
    The damn TV ads don't tell you about what happens if you stop the T therapy. I'm very unhappy. Trying to find a doc who knows how to prescribe and dose the T. I feel like I will be hooked on this drug for life. It does give me more energy......but no one ever told me the down side. I'm going on a week now..feeling like hell. I was told by a nurse that I COULD put the cream on my scrotum (can't do this with Androgel because of the alcohol in it). You can get 50-70% better absorption because the scrotum skin in this. I've been slathering it on my balls for a week. Today is the first day I felt a little better.

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