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Thread: Freaking out!

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    Freaking out!

    Hi.... So my husband just got results back after I insisted the Dr run his T levels. His total Testosterone was 94!!! They did not test free t but I am wondering if that is even really necessary with numbers this low. He also is acting like it is not big deal... he sees patients with numbers like this all the time. Im am freaking out! In all the research Im doing I have yet to see numbers this low. He also wants to potentially start a gel and I think we should go straight to weekly shots. Any thoughts or suggestions with numbers this low?

    Ps.. he is 40 years old and I have suspected low T for over 10 years but insisted on it for at least 5.

    He thinks he just works hard and is old! I say BS!!!
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    YOu're 40, his total T should me much higher, probably in the 300+ range. (I"m not a doc...but have been on T therapy for about 5 years. Once you start, I don't think you can stop....or you have a terrible crash....physically and emotionally. I like the T supplement, I just wish someone would have told me about the down side. But....your husband's is low.
    I am 60...and I started with a level of 149, which my doc told me IS low...but then, again, I am 60. A 40 year old man should have a much higher level

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