I am really miffed. I am going through a physical-emotional crash as a result of my change from Androgel ($700 mo) to a locally compounded cream ($69.00 mo.)
Apparently the cream does not have the same strength of T as the Androgel.

I am miffed that the ads on TV tell you how great T supplements are.........but they DON"T tell you about the horrible crash that can come if you go off the therapy or change brands. I am 60. I did not start T for E.D. I started in for more energy and a sense of well being. I got that. But...when I tried to stop, I had an ugly crash.

And, my general doc, who first prescribed Androgel doesn't know how to dose it. Hence, my crash.


Brain fog--can't concentrate or think well
Fatigue / total weakness
Loss of energy--no motivation or ambition
Deep depression
Ill tempered

I was told by a nurse practitioner that I could use the cream on my scrotum and get 50-70% better absorption. I've done that for the past week, and am just not starting to recover...feeling more energy. I don't know where to see a urologist, an endocrinologist.........to find out what to do. I think family doctors across the nation are prescribing T gels to men (after men see the ads on TV), and MANY of these docs don't have a clue about how to dose it....or about the crashes that can occur if you stop the T therapy.

Have others had this experience? How did you resolve the problem?

Omaha, NE