Hi I am new, life is terrible in general. Getting 150 mg of testosterone injected every week.

Explained to my Dr's that this was to spikey so to speak. It peaks like 2 days post injection then falls off really hard. When this happens I can't get enough sleep, I am drowsy as hell, I can sleep 24/7 and still be exhausted.

I fall asleep at work, in my chair while on the computer, even at the wheel (for only a second or 2 I have drifted off, very lucky), and sometimes even mid conversation. Then there are the "other" side effects of low testosterone.

I am one big mess, I have many issues. This is just one of the very many. It is affecting my work , my marriage, and my mood. Very difficult for someone who is already bi-polar and prone to great bouts of depression.

My Dr just today called me his most complicated patient. (I was not thrilled but hey what can I do)

Anyways he will be switching my injections to AndroGel 1% 7.5 gm daily.

I just need to know if this is a better solution or not? I know the dose is much much higher than the shot (75 mg/day), but I am aware that absorption rate can also make a very big difference.

The gel is a daily thing too which could really help with the peaks and crashes.

FYI price is not a factor in any of this.

I am hoping I can get some feedback to see what I should expect...

Thanks in advance