Simple Background. I am 46 and Low T was 142. Doc started me 200 ml injections every month and then every three weeks after not feeling better. Been doing every three weeks about 3 months. We just rechecked and my level is 192.

So now he wants me to start doing 50ml every week. And I am taking an estrogen blocker.

Now, I appreciate he's stair stepping, really I do. And I don't want to overdue it and speed up any potential prostrate problems.

I'm tempted to ask to go to Specialist or one of those places that does just this, but my doc seems knowledgeable.

I've read posts here about being patient, and I think I have been. So I am just curious, basically, what would you do? I could push on him to up me more. I mean shit, 50 points is nothing. I could also just wait it out and see ( I am surviving basically bc I am in this "I've been so low low don't bother me" place). Or...I could ask to go elsewhere. Or just go elsewhere.

None of this is the doc's fault, but I want the best help I can get. All thoughts welcome.