I have been on TRT for 3 years. My hematocrit level has been in the 50-53% range. This is after lowering my dosage to 75mg per week, and now down to 50mg per week. I was splitting the dose into 2 shots per week, but now I'm on 50mg 1x per week. I was wondering if I switched to the patch...would it possible lower my HCT? After 4 weeks on 50mg of test E, I started to get irritable again (my #1 symptom). I am skeptical about switching to the patch to lower my HCT. I think the doctors are just playing to big pharma.

Also I would like you guys to know that your CBC can be off. One lab I was going to replaced their centrifuge. As soon as she got that new machine, my HCT went up 3%. After chasing my tail for about a year, I found that these machines need to be calibrated. At this clinic my HCT reads 53-54%. 3 other blood clinics my HCT read 49.5%-50.5%. I have never seen anyone post on diagnostic equipment being off.