Hi all. First time here, so in essence I'm a first time poster . Anyhow, a couple of months back I had blood work done for different a reason altogether. This reason was just to check my glucose levels and stuff because my blood pressure would be in the high ranges whenever I checked them at work. One thing that I asked the DOC, was to also check for testosterone levels if possible and he said sure.

So my results came back quite awhile ago, but I was out of the country so I didn't really get to check them out. And after checking out the results which I had printed, I noticed that my FREE-T range was 241 out of a 196-636 range pmol/L. I have done a little bit of googling, and it seems that I am in a very low range, but correct me if I'm wrong here.
I personally imagine that these levels are relatively low for a 30 year old male. I am 6'3" and about 210 lbs, give or take a few pounds. While on this topic, I have been experiencing low libido and sex drive for quite awhile now but have not really done much about it in terms of consulting doctors unfortunately. I feel that all of this slowly began when I took propecia for hair loss when i was about 26/27, but I don't know if it's just in my mind. To those wondering, I have since quit that pill years ago. But yeah....ever since then, I just do not feel top notch. I have low sex drive as I mentioned and lack of pleasure down there. I also feel as if my energy isn't there as it used to be.

Thoughts? Should I do a follow up here? My doc in all honesty plays a lot of things off, so I really do not like going to see him. But he travels quite a bit, so I can perhaps discuss the results at a walk in clinic.

Thanks for your time all, any help would be appreciated.