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    29 years of test

    Hey everyone,
    1982 I was a passenger of a car that was involved in an accident, resulting in several weeks in hospital with a head injury.
    Years of going to all kinds of doctors, being told only time would tell and that I seemed pretty normal. Starting in 1986 I started getting sick all the time ... go to a doctor and get diagnosed with glandular fever time and time again.
    For a while I went to 3 or 4 different doctors and all come up with the same thing, prescribing the same stuff that just wasn't working. I found a doctor that actually sent me away for some blood tests for different things. Result being very low testosterone.
    1987 I had my first dose of Andriol capsules which I was on for around 9 months and my levels never rose. 17 years old and having my first visit to the endocrinologist who ran a pile of tests all resulting in my Pituitary Gland not functioning. The next test was a doozy ... having an injection of some drug then sitting 4 hours without moving and having iodine pumped into my body every 30 minutes having some exray / scan. Was told that I can only have that test once - but it showed that my pituitary gland wasn't functioning at all.
    For some time I looked into diet and exercise to promote testosterone naturally in a chance to stimulate the pituitary gland - I did weights, cardio and ate ok.
    1994 the specialist / doctor sent to the hospital to have implants and I was refused due to my age, it wasn't permitted.
    During all this time I was receiving fortnightly injections, switching between different products to stop the body getting use to it.
    1995 I was sent to have sperm frozen and was told that there is a high chance I couldn't have children and in 1997 my wife fell pregnant while on fortnightly injections of Sustanon 250. 1998 the baby was born and the wife fell pregnant 4 months later ... the doctor refused to give me anymore testosterone in 1999.
    Telling me that though my levels were still low, I had to have a break.
    For the next following few years I slept maybe 2 to 4 hours a day, but I never got sick as I use to. I seemed pretty normal and I continued to do weights continually diet and spent all my time with the wife and kids.
    I started getting weird feelings throughout my body - really hard to describe but like a tingly butterfly sort of feeling in my legs, arms, feet and belly. I had trouble thinking clearly, couldn't get out of bed - it was like I could just lay there without thinking for long periods of time. Went to another doctor and they wouldn't treat me, went to another 4 or 5 doctors and none would test me for low testosterone - some wanted me to visit a psychologist, etc.
    I found one doctor that gave me a referal to the specialist who did the tests and gave me a script and directions for the doctor. The doctor gave me the script but wouldn't renew it ... I felt really terrible, my wife was living with a zombie sort of person and wasn't real active around the kids.
    I found a person that was selling a 200mg pack of veterinary testosterone for sheep. It was pretty low strength but I had 2ml every 2 weeks.
    After a while I didn't worry about doctors, etc and just concentrated on life for a while until I ran out. 4 years I never touched anything believing I couldn't get any help at all and I piled on the weight
    Getting all these tingly things all over the body I become irritable, moody, loud and started doing more and more gym, cardio to lose weight. I went back to the original doctor who initially helped me and he wouldn't due to government regulation. I found another doctor to get a referral to the endocrinologist who once again did all the tests and it was pretty low with a reading of 4, on injections I normally hang around 12 to 16 in the levels.
    I was put on tablets called clomid for a couple of months and got massive headaches. He then put me on an injectible product which I had never heard of before. for nearly 3 months I had a rash around my mouth and my body couldn't function.
    The specialist put me through some more tests and put me back on testosterone.
    Problem now is that I have the standard problems but I think as I'm getting older I'm getting other problems. The tingly feelings are bad - I'd love to cut off my feet, my body is storing so much fluid and I just can't pee sometimes.
    I went to a doctor and she told me I wasn't water retented as my ankles aren't puffed up and sent me to test my kidneys (which where fine) and cholesterol (very high). My vision is blury and the optometrist says I need to ware a patch (wtf?) ... so much is changing and I'm sort of scared, I seem to depressed a lot more.
    I changed from weights to crossfit sometime ago to keep the weight off but I must admit it is hard - all these people are so strong and I always feel like I'm getting weaker.
    I'm now 46yo and am pretty lost and that is my introduction and story on my journey which I believe is only just beginning.
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