Hi there. I'm 28 years old and have had problems I was told were in my head most of my life. I went to an endocrinologist a few years back and was tested for total T. My level was around 270 and I was told I was on the edge of low so nothing was done. Fast forward to now... I just had a free T test done from my primary physician a few days ago. I complained of ED, complete loss of interest in sex and constantly being tired. I had to drill into his head I have felt like this basically my whole teen/young adult life. He assured me I was fine and it was all in my head like every other doctor I have had but he would do the test to make me feel better by basically saying "I'm 99% sure it's normal but I'll do it to shut you up". I mean I can sleep for 12 hours wake up and within 3 hours I'm ready go to back to sleep. It's not healthy. I'm not over weight my BMI is 21.8. I eat fairly healthy. Lots of white meat rarely red, veggies etc. No fast food except for the rare occurrence of me craving a sodium bomb BUT again, he did the test. I got a call 2 days later saying they referred me to an endocrinologist. When I asked what the level was the receptionist told me it was 219. This was at roughly 9am. The problem I'm having is the endo can't get me in until half way through January. No one around here accepts my insurance, and the ones that do told me they're not the kind of endocrinologist I need (didn't know there were different kinds?). I'm stuck. I'm constantly depressed which is causing problems with my marriage and I don't know what to do at this point. No one I know understands how I feel and I'm tired of trying to explain that I have no control over any of this. I rarely want to do anything any more. I'm basically at a loss. When I saw the normal range was around 600 I was confused as to why I was told I was low/normal from my first endo. Anyone my age having the same issues? I've been doing A LOT of reading and stumbled upon this forum. I hope this post is OK.