Hi everyone,
I am new to this site so please correct me if I am hard to understand or if I write something incorrect.
A few moths ago I noticed symptoms of low testosterone,* brain fog, decrease in libido, and a slight decrease in erection hardness. I also went from having rock hard morning wood to having hardly any at all. I have also been working out for a year and have seen no improvements at all. I am only 18 years old and having these symptoms is very troubling to say the least so I got my levels checked (9.00 am) which led to more tests which are all listed below. Also I do not have a pituitary tumor and I've had a multisystem right kidney since I was born and it has never became a problem.

Total testosterone 1st time 126, second time 338, third time 250
free testosterone in the 8-11 range
LH is 1.6 (1.5-9.3)
fsh 3 (1.3-19.3)
Dhea 12 (Under 6.6)
dheas 319* (unknown reference range)
prolactin 23 (4-15.2)
tsh 1st time 3.9 second time 5.1 (.5-4.3)
free t3 3.55 (1.80-4.60)
free t4 1.2 (.9-1.8 )
androstenedione 80 (Unknown reference range)
IGF1 436 (137-461)
hydroxyprogesterone 69 (27-199)
growth hormone .25 (Unknown)
iron 47 (45-165)
ferritin 50 (30-400)
angiotensin 36 (Unknown reference ranges)
shbg 21 (unknown)
cortisol 20 (unknown)

*My high tsh might indicate hypothyroidism although free t3 and t4 don't seem to be out of range. Also my high dhea might indicate and overproduction of the adrenal glands which could be compensating due to a problem. Also my iron levels are somewhat low but i'm unsure of how this would affect me. For the next few months I will eat much healthier and see what happens, but so far i'm very bothered and hope to fix this issue somewhat naturally (there is no reason why an 18 year old should be on trt). Anyways thanks for reading and any help or advice would be well appreciated