I sent this to a member here but i dont think he has signed in for a few days. So i'll post it up here in hopes that it will reach others that require assistance.

There's a thread on the sister site (Steroid.com) about this terrible virus that commandeers your computer. The truth is its not that difficult to remove. People are still getting sucked in to paying 100$ or more to have a technician remove it for you. Do it yourself and save some money - its very simple.


1. Reboot into Safe Mode (tap F8 on your keyboard as you reboot)

2. Select Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

3. VERY IMPORTANT. When Command Prompt appears IMMEDIATELY type in explorer.exe and then hit enter.

4. Don't touch anything. Allow drivers to load and it will automatically boot up in Safe Mode. (Note: AFTER all drivers have loaded, you may need to minimize Command Prompt screen in order to see Safe Mode.)

5. When in Safe Mode, click Start Button, then Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore. Select highlighted Date to restore and you're done. Virus will be eliminated from your registry.

Do NOT be fooled by anyone into thinking that this virus attacks anything else or that your computer requires extensive repair...it doesn't. These 5 steps will permanently eliminate it and return your computer Registry to the date you choose. This virus does not effect anything else.

Please post this for others in order to save anyone else from paying unnecessarily for computer repair. Btw, I have done this to my computer, and now two friends. Works perfect.

Note: this is the thread im referring to..