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Thread: Air Travel with Syringes & Needles

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    Air Travel with Syringes & Needles

    I'll be taking some trips by plane in the next few months and wondered if anyone here has already worked out some best practices for air travel with T prescription, syringes & needles.

    I was planning to pre load the syringes needed while I'm away and keep in my carry on bag. Is there any drawback to that, like pressure changes causing leakage or the TSA wanting it in a labeled vial?

    Any tips would be appreciated.

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    When you travel, keep all your meds and syringes in your carry on in a sealed ziplock bag. Do not preload the syringes but have the bottle of testosterone with your name and doctors name in the bag. Often security prefers you to take out the ziplock bag and place it in the tray along with other lose items but that can also depend on the airport and personal. I've left mine in my bag and I've also placed the ziplock bag with my meds in it in the tray.

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    I have worked all over the world (offshore worker). I put my T, syringes, and HCG in my checked luggage. I have never had a problem. One time I did put some pre-loaded HCG syringes in my thermos in the checked bag. Bad idea... they leaked and I had to throw the batch away.

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