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Thread: Looking for answers, age 23

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    Looking for answers, age 23

    Hey everyone,

    I'm a 23 year old male, and my state of being is currently very bad. I am very careful with my diet and very dedicated to exercise. I lift weights and do cardio regularly. I rarely drink and don't do drugs. But for much of my adult life, I've experienced the following symptoms:

    Chronic fatigue, always tired. Regardless of sufficient sleep. This comes along with an almost constant slight headache.

    My brain is "foggy." I can't concentrate in school or on tasks. I have trouble finding the right words during speech, even though I'm pretty intelligent. It just feels like a constant haze of static.

    I've been somewhat depressed for years. Not manically so, just constantly melancholic/dysthymic. I have no motivation, no drive, no ambition, even though I know I have much potential. I'm also very irritable.

    Anxiety. I often feel a background anxiety for no reason. My social anxiety is horrible. I can't look people in the eye. I am extremely passive. I'm extremely socially withdrawn. I have no desire to go out or to talk to people. No desire to meet women.

    My sex drive is very low. When I was 16 or so in that age, my sex drive was strong. Now, I see beautiful women and sex drive isn't there. I just don't care. When I do have sex, I'm not very sexually sensitive, and I've experienced erectile dysfunction. Really embarrassing.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant. I just got my T levels checked:

    Total T: 346 ng/dl
    Free T: 81 pg/ml

    Estradiol: 31 pg/ml

    SHBG: 16 nmol/L

    FSH: 5.1 mIU/ml
    LSH: 7.7 mIU/ml

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    Your levels are low. If you would like to talk about treatment we would be happy to help you. Give us a call anytime. However, being that you're so young you will need to provide a reason for your low testosterone. It didn't happen naturally due to age, not at 23. Is there prior anabolic steroid use or opiate use? Have you been on antidepressants for awhile? What about testicular injury or head trauma? Have you had an MRI on your pituitary? If any of these things apply to you we'd need to know. For example, we'd need documented proof of the MRI or the injury, etc.

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    Hey I just joined also, firs thing I read. I am 27 and it took me 2 years to convince my doctor to test my blood work for low t, he thought I was depressed.. ANYWAYS, I feel like how you do, and they did a lot of genetic tests on me, and found I have 46xx male syndrom with a sry positive, that explains why it was so low for being young, maybe look into that.

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    I guess I was lucky and I walked in and told dr I feel I meet the criteria for LT. He ordered blood work and I came back at a 122. He too at first said he thinks I was suffering from "Sleep apnea," but once we got back my results, he referred me to am endocrinologist. I got my prescription and here I am now.

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