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Thread: 20 Years Old, Low T, Please Help Me Get My Life Back!!!

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    20 Years Old, Low T, Please Help Me Get My Life Back!!!

    Heres my story, ill try to keep it brief. I've suffered from anxiety and depression since junior year of high school (about 4 years). I began to notice that my anxiety is only social around the opposite sex. I cannot even approach or hold a conversation with a female. I am incapable of growing facial hair, i walk with very poor posture, I have issues with libido (and other sexual problems-I think you know what I mean), i have low energy, I can't lose weight, I'm physically weaker than my peers, I've been exercising on and off for years, for 3 month periods. I always end up quitting, why? Because I never make any physical progress, even if I work hard and push myself. All of these symptoms caused me to go to my doctor to get my levels checked. I got a total T of 325 nl/dl. Before the test, he said I should be around 600(before my blood work). After the blood work he shrugs it off and says I'm fine. I got my levels taken 3 more times so he could be sure it was nothing i got 428nl/dl, 425 nl/dl, 395nl/dl my free levels were 15 pg/ml, 12 pg/ml, 10pg/ml. He said this is normal and refused to prescribe me testosterone despite my symptoms. According to webMD, a very reputable site, my free testosterone is incredibly low, especially for someone my age. It should be at about 50pg/ml. I know low testosterone is my issue and my doctor is depriving me of the treatment I need, I brought my results elsewhere and another doc refused. People in my area are extremely against testosterone because of the media surrounding them. I should mention I eat very well and had my vitamin levels checked. I have ABSOLUTELY NO deficiencies what so ever. Rarely drink and don't use drugs at all. My test is just low. I've missed out on years of life because of this, especially with low energy, and also with women. What should I do ? I need to get my life back so that I can live normally for the first time in 4 years. I might also add that I have been on antidepressants since this december, but these issues have been going on for 4 years now. I'm positive I've had low T before the ADP's and I'm hoping if I fix my testosterone issue, I can come off those nasty drugs. As I mentioned, I have taken 4 full-panel blood tests for my T levels as well as supporting hormones, vitamins and minerals, thyroid, etc. Everything is normal and I have no abnormalities/deficiencies. My testosterone is just low and I refuse to believe him when he says my free levels of 10 pg/ML is normal when the high normal range for some women is 8 pg/ml. It is so frustrating that my doc, one of the people I trust the most, just flat out refuses to help me. Please Help!

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    *Find a new doctor
    *Find a doctor that understands TRT. WIth your free levels where they are you do have a problem.
    *Stick with your workout and exercise routines. Even if you end up on TRT or not 3 months isn't much time.
    *TRT will only be successful if you're taking care of yourself overall.
    *Be patient if you get on TRT. It will take time to fix the issues. It will work but it will require patience and consistency by you.
    *Give us a call if you'd like.

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    Wow Matt! I am so happy I can finally relate to someone, though I am sad about the symptoms we share. I have also struggled with depression, social anxiety (especially with women), hair growth, posture, fatigue, weakness and the two weeks on two weeks off workout syndrome since junior high. It's awful!! I'm sorry your doc won't help you out. I too recently received my blood work and found out it was low (560), though not as low as yours. My doc says that normal range for a 20-year-old male is "700-800." If that's the truth, then you certainly need to find a new doctor. I'm sorry I don't have much advice for you, I just read your post and noticed how much I relate to you through symptoms and couldn't help but reply! I hope you can find some comfort in the fact that other people have these terrible symptoms too, and I also hope that you find something that works for you. Good luck on getting the right treatment and feeling better!

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