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Thread: Painful lumps with SubQ injections

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    Painful lumps with SubQ injections


    I just started treatment a few weeks ago, and was hoping someone had some insight into an issue I was having.

    I've been doing subq injections for both Hcg and Testosterone. I've had zero problems with the Hcg injections, but every single time I inject the testosterone I get a painful lump. It does not occur immediately after injection, but usually 1-2 days later. The pain subsides after a week, but the fat feels a bit firmer for about another week. I can deal with the discomfort, but I don't know if this is normal or not.

    I figure if I'm doing something wrong during the injection process, I'd have an issue with the Hcg shots, but I've never had an issue there. Could this be an allergy, or reaction to the oils in the testosterone?

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    My Doc did my injections. About half the time I'd get a sore spot, no real lump but a sore and firm area under the skin. It would take a day or 2 to go away. My guess is the depth and muscle that is injected each reacts differently.

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    Thanks for the reply, but it sounds like you had intramuscular injections. I've been doing it into the fat (subcutaneous injection). I do this mostly because I'm a chicken, and I get to you a smaller needle this way. It also helps me do it 2x a week, so I can spread the dosage out more.

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    Correct, intramuscular.

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    MrNick - if you're doing SubQ Testosterone injections, you have to follow this protocol:

    needle must be 1/2"
    dosage must not exceed 100mg - for example, if you're doing a 200mg dosage, you gotta do 2 injections

    Anything more than 100mg on a 1/2 inch needle will cause bruising or a lump. Hope that helps!

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    That sounds aweful

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