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Thread: Is It Low T?

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    Is It Low T?

    I got some test results (see below). My doctor said I'm low T and wants to start treatment.
    I'm 46 years old (Asian male). is this normal #?
    If I need to go treatment, should injection be better? this is because I have you kids and wife and don't want any accidents of transferring.

    Tests: (5) Testosterone, Free/Total with SHBG (100125)
    Testosterone, Total [L] 187 NG/DL 241-827
    ! SHBG 17.09 NMOL/L 13.00-71.00
    ! Testosterone Free, Calc
    [L] 4.9 NG/DL 6.0-27.0

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    Yes, your levels are very low.
    Injections are the most efficient in terms of effectiveness and success. Gels and creams can work well too but do not for some men.

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