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Thread: Would cover all of the following?

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    Would cover all of the following?

    I thought with the $199 covered everything needed. If testosterone, an estrogen blocker, plus HCG was needed would it not all be covered. The dr. today seemed like he was unsure and it was the option I feel was a better method from the research I've done and what I was looking forward to, but it seems like he went another route because he wasn't sure if it was covered. The doctor was nice and I hate to second guess, but I've just never seen the options/treatment I received listed from TRT patients. I just want to make sure I am going to receive the best yields, health, and benefits that I can. I don't want to bug the doctor and have a bad relationship, so that's why I figured I'd ask online. Thanks... everything has been smooth, but just want to confirm. Waiting prescriptions now...

    about how long does it take to receive your prescriptions after your dr. visit?

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    Hey pal, easiest way to reach Low T staff is to give them a call. Surely they will get this all figured out for you.

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    You are correct, all of those medications are covered by the program. However, how they are implemented into a program is not the same for everyone. None of the doctors go by cookie cutter one size fits all plans.

    People often read online through various outlets about TRT and there is a lot of great information out there. But this can at times cause a problem as it tends to make some feel their plan should be exactly like the one they read about online. Message boards themselves can be some of the best and at the same time worst places on earth to gather information. You'll find countless people who say you need exactly this much of this type of AI or HCG must be used in this way and if the person saying it has a lot of post by his name it's easier for the reader to take his words as gospel truth.

    Like Austinite said please feel free to give us a call any time. We'd be happy to answer any questions you have or address any concerns. Also feel free to search for feedback on the message board too in any way you're comfortable with.

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