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    started HRT

    After all the lab tests - I finally saw an endocrinologist. He did a whole lot of lab tests. I figured after the other results I had (saliva tests showing low T and then regular doc showing borderline low normal T) that the endocrinologist wouldn't have much to say. But luckily he was a smart guy and a nice guy and asked me a whole lot of questions about my symptoms over the last couple of years. So I told him about my loss of strength, lack of interest in just about anything, and everything else.

    Well, the lab tests came back and here is his appraisal:


    Even though my T is borderline normal on the low end - my FSH and LH are incredibly high for an adult male - here's the results:

    FSH 21.6 mIU/ml (1.5-12.4)
    LH 16.13 mIU/ml (1.7-8.6)

    The doc told me that either my testicles are stopping or have stopped making T based on these results. He offered HRT - patch, gel, or injection. He wasn't fond of the patch because of high number of his patients experiencing skin rashes from the chemical used in the patch to transfer the t to the skin. He asked me to start on Androgel first - so I'm doing 2 pumps a day.

    I've read many reports of androgel usage - and can't say that after only two days I feel any different. Does anyone have a time frame for me as to when I might start feeling anything or experiencing anything?


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    AndroGel works well for some and for others not at all. It's impossible to predict where you will fall. The problem with transdermal testosterones is that some men simply can't absorb them. This is not the case with injectable testosterone. Unfortunately, any doctor that prescribes AndroGel or any transdermal testosterone over injectable as in preferring gel over injectable, he's only doing so because he's bought into what the AndroGel sales rep told him when he came to the office. There is nothing out there, no data at all that shows AndroGel to be a more effective testosterone compound over any injectable form.

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    You should be able to feel, at very least, a slight benefit from the creams by one month into treatment but definitely no longer than 3 Months in. You may also want to switch to bioidentical testosterone from a compounding pharmacy. Some people claim that these have worked significantly better for them. For more information on this, refer to this website: ****************************

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