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Thread: T Cream - under arms

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    T Cream - under arms

    I recently began with a compound T cream. Doc recommended spreading it on fleshy part of forearms, but that seems like a bad idea. First, it increases the risk of exposure to others by having it on my forearms (which I'm not going to cover during the summer). Second, I have a little hair there, anyway, which interferes with full absorption.

    I've been applying it to to my underarms (which I keep shaved), even though it is not Axiron (the cream specifically meant for the underarms). I figure this creates the least risk of exposure or of it rubbing off on clothing. Plus, my wife is unlikely to be touching my pits in any given situation. But is this a bad idea as far as absorption goes? I'm not clear on why one section of skin is better than any other, as long as there's no hair or calluses to interfere. Thanks.

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    The best place for absorption is your abdomen, inner thighs and shoulders. The absolute best is the forehead but no one does that because no one wants to walk around with a greasy forehead all day.

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