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Thread: Pharmacy issues

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    Pharmacy issues

    Ive honestly been nothing but disappointed so far with how things have gone.
    First off, no call from the pharmacy after my doctors appointment.
    I was told to wait, so I did, three days and no call. I get the pharmacys phone number and call, leave a voice mail.
    Two more days go by, call again, no answer.
    Contact LowT and they tell me my product shipped on a Monday, with two day shipping (its Friday), which doesnt make any sense.
    After I contact LowT I get a call from the pharmacy and they say theyll overnight my medication.
    Medication gets here and I get four bags of 30g insulin syringes, no 23g or 25g.
    So Im sure itll be another few days before I get those. Itll be over two weeks after Ive seen my doctor before I even will get to start treatment.
    Extremely frustrating considering time is ticking before another payment will be due and I havent even been able to use the medication.

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    Call and ask for Justin. I'll take care of it and make sure you aren't being charged without meds.

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