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Thread: Questions about dosage of Testosterone Cyp

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    Questions about dosage of Testosterone Cyp

    I am a 55 year old male and was recently diagnosed with low Testosterone Levels. As part of a recent blood test, primarily to check my glucose and cholesterol levels, my Dr. decided to check by T level as well. The blood test revealed that my T level was at 76 which I understand is very low. Despite this low T level, I have been feeling fine. Other than a little fatigue in the evening, I have no noticed no mood issues, no libido problems, etc. However, my Dr. started me on a treatment program that called for 200 mg injections of Testosterone Cypionate every 4 weeks. He told me that I would likely experience more energy, an increased libido, and would generally feel much better even though I had not been experiencing any adverse symptoms. It has been four days since my first injection and I have not felt any changes. Since this diagnosis, I have done a lot of on-line research. Based upon this research, it would appear that a 200 mg dose of Testosterone Cyp every 4 weeks is a relatively low dose. Given that my T level was so low, I am wondering if I should be on a much higher dose than what my Dr. has prescribed. Any thoughts?

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    Although men with low levels typically have symptoms of low levels, symptoms do not always occur. It's hard to imagine a reading as low as your without strong symptoms, but we're all different. Still, that's quite a rare case. However, even without symptoms, prolonged testosterone that is left ignored can lead to many other complications down the road, not necessarily directly but as a strong contributing factor. Alzheimer's Disease has been significantly and directly related to prolonged low testosterone as has osteoporosis. Low levels can also contribute to diabetes and heart disease.

    Dosing: 200mg every 4wks is not what any TRT physician would prescribe. When you inject, your levels will peak 48-72hrs after your injection. From there your levels will begin to fall. By day 6-8 post injection, you will need another injection in order to maintain stable levels. If not, your levels will continue to fall. In your case, you're going to experience a constant up and down, a dramatic one in your testosterone levels. I wouldn't be surprised if you came back and said you felt terrible after a few months.

    Results: TRT is a slow process. You shouldn't notice anything in a few days. Anything that's noticed in a few days is almost always placebo. Some men do notice a bit more energy and sometimes stronger erections in the first few weeks. However, it normally takes 3-4 months for the benefits of treatment to really begin to show. This is of course assuming all aspects of TRT are being considered, specifically the balance between testosterone and estradiol. If both are not balanced, it does not matter what your testosterone levels are.

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