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Thread: Looking for guidance on HRT

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    Looking for guidance on HRT

    Hi all,

    I'm a 22 year old male, and I've been dealing with symptoms associated with low testosterone levels for several years now. Lack of energy, general dysphoria, low motivation, low sex drive (3 out of 3 partners in my more recent history not only have had higher sex drives than myself, but have verbally noted that mine is considerably lower), and last but not least in more recent history ED.

    At first, the mood aspect of what I've been feeling was treated with SSRI's and other drugs of that nature such as Wellbutrin, to no avail. After trying about 5 different drugs for varying lengths of time (at least a month for most in order to give it a chance, save one that gave me severe headaches after two weeks) I gave up on it and decided it either wasn't true depression or these sorts of drugs just weren't for me. Over the years I've brought up the subject with different doctors when I go in for a screening or checkup of some sort, but haven't really found a sympathetic ear. These symptoms have continued into the present, and as far as ED goes I thought there may be an issue with my blood pressure (I had been averaging in the systolic range of 145-150) but after being started on an ACE inhibitor and maintaining a normal blood pressure I have not noted any improvement in my sexual ability. PDE-5 inhibitors such as viagra have helped, but it's not a replacement for drive..

    About two years ago I suffered a varicocele of the left testicle. It was extremely painful but after a trip to the ER and a urologist, I didn't think much more of it. However when I reflect now I subjectively feel like my sex drive decreased further after this point, and it was after this incident that I had issues with ED, whereas before I could at least muster an erection even if I didn't really feel like it. About a year ago I had my testosterone level checked, and although I don't currently recall the exact measurement I do remember it was on the low end of "normal", but not to a degree at which the doctor was willing to help me. His overall assessment of this issue didn't feel very thorough, and in looking at other people's blood tests he wasn't very thorough on that front either, as if he had added it begrudgingly.

    I'm at a point of near desperation for a fix, both for my mood and my sex life. I'm in a steady relationship with an understanding partner, but I know the relationship suffers from the lack of intimacy. And I know that there is more to be done to improve my overall quality of life. Any advice/guidance on obtaining more sympathetic help, and HRT would be appreciated.

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    You've answered your own question in that you need to find another doctor. One thing I don't have a good answer for is why when there's a problem with an individual why so many physicians tend to shrug it off if their initial treatment options don't pan out. As for a recommendation, obviously I'm going to recommend - things may be a little different for you compared to an older man but regardless you will be put on the right track and quite possibly remedy the problem once and for all.

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