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Thread: Just Started the T Shot

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    Just Started the T Shot

    Just got my first T shot after my second test result came in low again for T. Doctor said he wanted to do the next one in 4 weeks and assess. Does that seem right? I asked if we could do them in closer intervals, and he said we could if I was feeling bad again. But for now he wants to wait the 4 weeks until the next shot.

    He also is not an endocrinologist and is 100% convinced there are prostate cancer issues with TRT. So maybe he is starting me slow to assess the situation?


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    I'm afraid you're doctor doesn't know what he's doing. Take a shot of testosterone, levels will peak in 48-72hrs depending on the guy and then begin to slowly fall. The active testosterone from the injection will be gone in 5-9 days or so depending on the guy. So then what happens for 3wks?

    Your doctor may be thinking that if he gives you a shot of testosterone it adds to what testosterone you do make. Some doctors do think this, what they base it on I cannot tell you. You cannot take testosterone and add to what you have, that's like saying I have $5, I spent $5 and I found $5 and now I have $10. No, you still have $5, you spent the other $5. When you take testosterone this shuts down your natural testosterone production. That scares a lot of guys but if you have low levels it's not like your natural testosterone was doing anything for you anyway. So when you take testosterone, the testosterone in your body is simply what you're taking. Your naturally produced testosterone is no longer relevant.

    Shouldn't matter if a doctor is an endocrinologist or not. There are plenty of endos that don't understand testosterone either despite being a hormone doctor. Plenty of doctors still treat and approach testosterone as was done in the 1950's and 60's. The key is simply finding a doctor that knows what they're doing. I wouldn't get too caught up in doctor title.

    Prostate cancer and TRT, this has been proven factually false for several years now. There is a significant amount of data out there to back this up if you're doctor will take time to look at it.

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