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Thread: Low T results

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    Low T results

    Saw my doc last week and thought it would be best to have a test run. I am a 49 yo male 6-2 220. My level came back at 242. I have not met with the doc on follow up as the results were emailed to me just yesterday. It certainly explains how I'm feeling! Now the questions is what would be a good course of treatment, and what can I expect from this? I have not been able to loose any weight either with diet or exercise, I don't seem to be able to achieve any muscle mass eventhough I am in the gym 5x a week. the activity in the bedroom has been minimal as well. I am sure there is info I have left out. Thyroid test came back 'normal' at about a 3.0

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    My levels were similar. Avoid T injections unless you can up the frequency to once a week or so. I was at every two weeks and that was not good. A roller coaster.

    I have had good results with daily gel and am getting back to feeling normal again. Keep us posted and good luck.

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