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Thread: Got restuls of my first T test.. should I consider T therapy?

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    Got restuls of my first T test.. should I consider T therapy?

    I'm a 45 yr old male, 175 lbs and pretty fit, and just got my first T test...
    My number is 432, which seems to definitely be on the low side.
    I'm new to this and am looking for the general opinion, would you start therapy is this was your number?
    I got the test because I was thinking about starting therapy just to increase my energy level.
    Also, what do you think of anavar? I've read this is a good T medication if you are concerned about hair loss.
    And is therapy ever covered by insurance?

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    You would need to find out what your free testosterone reading is before anything else.
    Anavar will lower natural testosterone levels by suppressing LH and FSH production, which is why most men wouldn't take it without taking some for of testosterone along side it.
    TRT being covered by insurance is a toss up, often it will not be covered.

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