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  9. Hey Everyone it Raw saying HI
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  15. Not a stranger . I have spoke with Justin, and Mike and emails even from "B"
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  17. Hello Everyone, hoping this is the right answer to my problems
  18. Transfer patient, hello
  19. Only started off on HCG and a estrogen blocker... little disappointed
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  22. Happy to have found this program.
  23. what is the houston address
  24. No HCG, just TRT for now.
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  28. My B**ch ENDO Dropped Me!!!!
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  35. New to Forum with Very low T of 148
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  41. Only 37 and a 193. Crap
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  48. I'll try to keep it short
  49. New to forum. Thinking heavily about joining the program
  50. Doctor told me there was "Nothing I could take" for Low T?
  51. When will the Dr. get it right?
  52. Ready to be human again, T-level at 56...yes i said 56
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  54. Old member new knowledge after 14 TRT with Dr still have to self medicate
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  58. Re: New member-need urgent advice on ongoing t issues
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  62. Blood results, your thoughts?
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  66. First Shot
  67. Hello, new here
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  69. New guy from MS; using Nashville clinic. Starting txt 9/5/14
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  73. New Memeber, and new to TRT
  74. just found out I have low T and want to know where to go
  75. would I be eligible for treatment at low testosterone.com
  76. Hello everybody
  77. Here we go...Figured I would share to see common themes in what is being RXd
  78. Would should i do with my testosterone Numbers ?
  79. Could use some help with labs... new mmber
  80. Over 60 Male With Low T On Pellets
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  82. New member and at my wit's end.
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  85. Hello, from MN! Have a question.
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  89. Found out I have low T
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  93. Low T is extremely low
  94. High red blood cell count
  95. new from chicago illinois
  96. Some guidance please?
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  98. Just started...from NYC
  99. Feeling fortunate to be getting injections with "middle of the road" numbers
  100. low testosterone symptoms-personaltity changes
  101. Would you expect treatment with these numbers?
  102. New From Little Rock
  103. 5 week Clomid Results with Initial Primary Hypogonadism Diagnosis
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  105. just call me player
  106. New can someone give me some insight to my results
  107. going to start trt soon
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  109. 33 year old male extremely low results
  110. 57 yr old male, I'm confused!
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  112. 39yo, Not Well for 4 years, Low T treatment began July 24th, 2015
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  114. Hi, Ellis Mate Here....
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  116. Hello from the North West. How do you find a doctor?
  117. The Old Dude checking in
  118. Anyone here ever tried Life-Flo Testro Max For Men Body Cream?
  119. Hello from SF!
  120. Hey everybody, looking for advice
  121. Suffered for years. Changing my life (lab results) what to expect...?
  122. I know I'm an idiotbut help
  123. Low-T I'm Told
  124. need some advice
  125. Heart Palpitations rapid pulse
  126. Question about T Test.
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  128. Finally figured it out
  129. 30 years old with a Free T level of 192.
  130. Low T a symptom of something else?
  131. Just need some general guidance
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  134. compounded testosterone cream
  135. 59, tired, fat and sleep all the time
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  138. Low Sex Drive Not Really the Issue
  139. No energy, weak erections, depression
  140. Hello, Shahed from Bellerose, NY here
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  143. Please help struggling GF of man with low T
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  145. Testosterone Booster
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  148. Update and advice: Numbers not going up.
  149. TRT high Hematocrit
  150. 30 yrs old. Free T lvl 241 (196-636) Should I be concerned?
  151. 29 years of test
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  153. Hi, 28 yr old new member
  154. 49, been in T injections for 5 weeks.
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  156. 35 y/o, 223 ng/dL, just found out
  157. Compound 30mg tablet
  158. Lab analysis
  159. Hey guys, this helped me with dealing with my low t!
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  161. hypogonadal at 18
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